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Arrival/ Dismissal
On Thursday, September 7th,  Friday, September 8th AND the week of September 11th, arrival and dismissal will be in the school yard for Grades K-5. Students in 3K and Pre-K will be in their classrooms. Please look at your child's June Report Card to see which class they are in for the current school year.
Please use a map of the school yard, to find where the grades will be located. Please look for your child's teacher with the sign that states which class they are in. 
School Yard
4th & 5th Grade Parents
If you are allowing your students to walk home from school this year you MUST send in a signed note to your child's teacher. 
*Parents will not be able to enter the school building for security reasons so please be sure to only send your child in with supplies they will be able to carry on their own. *
Beginning on Monday, September 18th 
Students must enter the building on their own through the assigned doors. Please refer here to the door assignments. Arrival and Dismissal procedures